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Update: Sunita L. Williams School

At the 3/5 School Committee Meeting, Michael Kascak and Henry Haff shared an update on the progress of the Sunita L. Williams Elementary School.

The building is scheduled to open on time and under-budget in June 2019. The building has features that will conserve water, lighting, and energy. Elements were carefully chosen in all three of these areas.  Special education spaces are located throughout the building and are not confined to one area or floor (highlighted in pink on the floor plans). Subtle colors were used on the inside of the building to allow student artwork to stand out in the hallways and classrooms. Tile will line the hallways and the windows will enhance lighting without allowing solar glare to disrupt teaching and learning. Special care was taken in the planning of the outside grounds of the school as well for teaching and learning.

Sunita L. Williams presentation starts at 50:30


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