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SC Meeting: October 16, 2018

The 10/16 SC meeting focused on transportation and initial findings from the biennial Student, Parent, and Staff Survey.

Transportation report

Shane Marchand, Director of Transportation for NPS, presented an update on transportation:

  • More families signed up on time, which helped planning greatly

  • All bus drivers are trained on how to administer the epi-pen but they are not legally required to administer them

  • An additional bus was requested for next year, especially to help with the Middle and High School routes

  • Given demand for transportation, Dr. Gutekanst is open to possibly raising the bus fee for next year

Staff, Student, and Parent Survey Results

Diane Simmons, Director of Planning, Communication, and Community Education, presented initial findings from the biennial district-wide survey:

  • A new survey format and measurement scale was used, making a comparison to past years more difficult.

  • Among generally positive responses to most survey questions, some potential areas in need of attention were highlighted:

  • Student engagement decreases as students get older

  • Marginalized groups report below-average levels of “School Belonging,” in line with findings of Equity Audit

  • Staff and parents identified lower favorability scores for school resources in the areas of crowding, building repairs, and specialists

  • Stress and anxiety continue to be concerns, supporting findings of the MetroWest Adolescent Health Survey

  • SC members asked questions and made suggestions regarding what data to include in the final report and how it can be made clearer when it is shared to parents and the community.

Other Items of Interest

  • Open house on 11/17 from 9-10:30am at NHS - Students will lead tours of the new classroom spaces, renovated spaces and gym. This is great opportunity to meet SC and see the new space.

  • Early Childcare Pilot Program - SC voted 7-0 in favor of moving forward

  • School and Public Safety Initiative (Ballot Question #4) - SC voted 7-0 in support of the override to fund new police a fire stations.

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