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SC Meeting: September 11, 2018

Last night marked the first official school committee meeting of the year. Agenda items included updates on the High School expansion, proposed modular additions for Mitchell, and the start of work on the FY20 school budget.

High School Renovation

Needham High School principal Aaron Sicotte provided an update on the High School expansion project. New classroom space is slated to open at the end of October, and the extensively renovated A Gym will be completed by the end of September. Renovated interior spaces include a new science lab, special education room and kitchenette (for life-skills lessons and cultural activities).

Mitchell Modular Classrooms

Two new modulars are being proposed for the Mitchell School to allow for the implementation of Full Day Kindergarten in all 2019. These modulars will house Mitchell’s art and music programs, freeing up space for additional classrooms while also investing in the school's art programming. This expenditure will be up for vote at the October 10th Special Town Meeting.

FY20 Budget

Work on the FY20 budget started over the summer and will continue through the winter. At this meeting, the School Committee voted to approve budget guidelines. One small step in the budget planning process, stay tuned for more information about the budget later this fall.

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