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2018 District Survey

Needham Public Schools is conducting it's biennial parent survey though May 7th. Principals from each school have sent school-specific links to families, with a goal of 100% participation

Feedback received on the survey enables the district to recognize strengths, respond to areas needing improvement, and measure progress toward the District Goals. Since 2001, the district has been gathering information and sharing the cumulative results with staff, parents, and the community.

Information gathered from the 2016 survey resulted in action steps by the district. A few examples: In response to requests for improved transportation service, the School Committee approved funding for the addition of school buses and a late bus; school space issues were addressed; more STEAM programs were added; and the process was launched for community involvement in developing a Portrait of A Needham Graduate.

Findings from the 2018 survey will be presented to School Community next fall. Some of the previous survey results are available on the NPS website:

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