• CNS should stay in front of the issues, providing guidance and advice to elected boards and commissions about potential overrides or other resource issues.  It is critical that CNS maintain a reputation of professionalism and accuracy in all information and activities.


  • To be an effective organization, CNS must remain fluid and dynamic, able to respond to issues and needs quickly.  CNS will maintain the basic structures necessary for effective override or other voter campaigns-e.g. database, website, preparation of literature and data.  

  • CNS will support and advise override campaigns for school-related issues as appropriate.


  • An ideal Board of Directors includes people with a variety of skills, affiliations, and knowledge. Skills include; strategic planning, marketing, database management, website development, technical writing, public relations writing, volunteer coordination, finance/ bookkeeping and more. Affiliations include a PTC President, former override chairs, and more. Knowledge includes school construction, school administration, school curriculum, politics, law, and more.


  • Expediency is important to the effectiveness of CNS; when possible decisions and positions will be adopted at a meeting of the Board of Directors. When issues of expediency outweigh the needs for full participation, the decision maker will make every effort to consult with the Board by email.